Peaks, 2015.
Site-specific installation for Detour Festival at PMQ, Hong Kong.
Branches, paint, hot glue, salt.



Curatorial Statement

In contemporary, developed societies, people typically start and end life within an impersonal hospital setting. Drawing from the experience of losing her mother to cancer, the conceptual pieces by the artist contemplate the tension between the clinical and the human. By manipulating clinical imagery, materia medica and natural elements, the artist hopes to lead viewers to consider the role of human sentiment and dignity within the experience of modern medicine. "Peaks" (2015) refers to the connection people have with others and the emotional variations they encounter in relationships. It also alludes to electrocardiography of the human heart. The salt is a metaphor for humans as the 'salt of the Earth'; this phrase was initially a biblical reference, but is now used as a common phrase refering to humanity in general.

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