Exchange (Miami), 2009.
Interactive performance.  Part of Camper Contemporary's inaugural exhibition, Here or There, in Basel, Miami

“The artist will be conducting exchanges with participants at Camper Contemporary, December 3 - 5.
Feel free to barter with the artist to obtain a copy of this limited edition notebook. Only objects that the artist deems fit can be exchanged. Monetary compensation will not be considered.”

Camper Contemporary is a mobile art gallery run by artist / curator Calder Brannock. The show Here or There emphasized the themes 'travel' and 'portability'.

Moleskine notebooks were customized and specifically chosen as objects for trade, as they are cultural products embodying the show's direction (in the accompanying pamphlet in each Moleskine, it claims that the notebook is a “trusty, pocket-sized travel companion”). At the same time, Moleskine is a highly visible company selling consumerist ‘objects of desire’ to many of those within the realm of arts and culture – precisely the same people who would attend Art Basel. It is with these two aspects in mind that make Exchange (Miami) particularly relevant to the hyper-glossy art fair context in which it took place - the act of bartering posed as an alternative to the notion of exchange within a market economy.

Documentation of entire performance [.pdf]